• Case dismissed for lack of probable cause.  Case dismissed against a psychiatrist pertaining to an allegation of substance abuse and improper prescription writing.

  • Murder case dismissed for lack of evidence after the case had already been indicted in Mahoning County, Ohio.  Client did NOT plea to any underlying charges.

  • Not Guilty after a bench trial regarding an allegation of menacing pertaining to a misunderstanding about the driving route of a young man due to a detour in traffic.

  • Not Guilty of assault of young man charged in a bar room brawl.  There was video footage of the defendant fighting.  The defense was that, although the man had been in a fight with another man that evening, he had not been in a fight with the alleged victim presented at trial.  The jury found him Not Guilty of assault.

Noteworthy Cases

A potential client should not assume that a similar result would occur in his or her case since each and every case is unique and the results will vary on a number of factors.

Criminal Cases:

  • Not Guilty of Murder.  Co-defendant in a botched attempt to steal copper was killed by a third party.  After a jury trial, the client was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and attempted aggravated burglary.

  • Not Guilty of all charges.  Individual charged with domestic violence and obstruction. 

  • Not Guilty of Felonious Assault.  Recent college graduate charged with a felony of the second degree pertaining to an allegation in Akron, Ohio.  The individual was facing a potential eight year prison sentence if convicted.  Jury returned a verdict of not guilty to all charges.

  • Not Guilty of Felonious Assault and Burglary.  Young man charged with burglary and felonious assault out of Alliance, Ohio.  During trial a motion for acquittal was granted as to one count and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty as to the remaining charge

Youngstown Lawyers

  • Not Guilty after a jury trial pertaining to a DUI charge for a young lady pulled over and vomiting in the car while officers were present.

  • Not Guilty after a jury trial for a gentleman charged with aggravated menacing in which he had sent a doll baby with an ice pick stuck in the back of the head and made various comments at various places to his estranged wife. He was found guilty of a lesser included charge of disorderly conduct and received a small fine.

  • Not guilty of Manslaughter.  After a jury trial, woman found not guilty of the shooting death of her boyfriend.

  • Not guilty of all charges after a jury trial.  Father accused of obstruction of official business and filing false report of child abuse.  The father filed a report with the police after being concerned for the welfare of his daughter pertaining to the conduct of the mother's new live in boyfriend.

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